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Our Major Sponsors

We are delighted to be supported by the Queensland Mental Health Commission and Mind Australia!

Mind Australia - Peer Champion Sponsor

We are delighted to announce that Mind Australia are our 'Peer Champion' Sponsor for this conference.

Mind Australia has been a leading provider of community-based mental health and psychosocial disability support services for 40 years. Through their relationships built with clients, and the practical support offered, Mind helps people to better manage their mental health and improve the quality of their lives

Mind has a large dedicated lived experience workforce: over 30 peer support workers throughout its services including youth specific peer workers; carer workers; lived experience trainers in the Learning and Development team; a dedicated Peer Practice Coach to support the peer workforce at Mind; a dedicated team with consumer and carer consultants that promotes consumer and carer participation; and staff at the Mind Recovery College™

Mind hosts the Centre of Excellence in Peer Support (CEPS, a centralised specialist clearinghouse and online resource centre for mental health peer support. It was set up in response to the growing interest in and recognition of peer support work, for consumers and families and carers. CEPS aims to support a sustainable peer support sector by providing linkage, service mapping and information-sharing. It is intended for use by consumers, families and carers, peer support workers, community mental health organisations, NGOs and individuals providing or wanting to provide peer support.