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Thank You!


Thanks for spending a wonderful day with us at dialogue 2021!  It was so good to finally get to spend time together at last.  We hope you enjoyed the presentations, the group activities, the opportunities to meet, share and learn from other and connect around your practice,  and of course the boom whacker drum session was a lot of fun.


So, as promised, here's the link for the key PowerPoint presentations, the Self-Care Pie resources & question sheets, plus the reflection sheet Amanda Waegeli gave us so we could finish the day with this lovely activity.


We will also be collating your calls to action feedback, as well as any topics you have recommended for future events, we value your participation and passion for this work.

Brook RED in partnership with National PHN Mental Health Lived Experience Engagement Network

MHLEEN hosted Dialogue 2021.  A Lived Experience Workforce conference with over 100 attendees gathered in Brisbane to connect, learn, share and reflect together for a one day event, here's some of the pictures below that captured a little slice of the day!

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If you ever want to connect with us please email donnah@brookred.org.au

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