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dialogue : masterclass webinars

lived experience leadership


Brook RED is delighted to offer our Lived Experience Workers in Queensland the opportunity to attend our free professional development events to build your skills and practice. This year we are inviting you to an alternative 'dialogue' event!  Over the last four years Brook RED has hosted a Lived Experience Workforce Conference called dialogue, however due to the current situation we have decided to try out a new concept by creating a monthly masterclass and a monthly connect session for all of us to learn, reflect, share and connect. 


We are very grateful to Brisbane North PHN who have sponsored our guest speakers for each masterclass.  This event is for Lived Experience Workers in Queensland.  

This event is peer driven, peer designed & peer delivered.

masterclass (webinar – 90 mins)
Each month we will be hosting a masterclass that will bring you closer to highly respected Lived Experience Leaders – presenting on a topic that they are passionate about and keen to share their knowledge with you.  At the end of each presentation there will be some time to post questions and interact.

june masterclass : amanda waegeli

title : the role of values in our lived experience
Values are universal, we all have them. Our lived experiences help to shape our values which guide us in the direction of a meaningful life. Often hidden they play a major part in our behaviour and actions and often only come to light when there is a values clash, especially in decision making. Lived Experience work is explicitly a value driven approach that requires us to work with, uphold, and advocate

learning outcomes

  • why do my values matter?

  • what is the role of values in lived experience practice?

  • how do we do Values Based Practice

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july masterclass : matt ball


title : human reality in the context of power threat and meaning
This work shop will provide a brief overview of the Power Threat Meaning Framework and introduce Dissociachotic as a way to understand extreme states.

learning outcomes

  • Gain a introductory knowledge of the PTMF as an alternative to diagnosis and pathologizing

  • Understand a new conceptual framework for being in connection with a person in distress with ‘psychosis’ - Dissociachotic

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august masterclass : eschleigh & nick

title : pausing at the living EDge

Nick and Eschleigh will be sharing details about Brook RED’s PAUSE and The Living EDge services -two very cool peer designed, managed, and delivered services for people experiencing suicidal distress in South Brisbane. They will overview each service, share some findings from the research components of each project, and candidly share the challenges and learnings they have had along the way.


learning outcomes

  1. Know all about Brook RED’s services for people experiencing suicidal distress.

  2. Have a sense of the findings from the evaluations about each project (spoiler: peer work is fricking awesome!!!)

  3. Have a sense of what we’ve learned from rolling these initiatives out so that you don’t have to make all the same silly mistakes we have in your communities!

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september masterclass : ellie hodges

title : lived experience leadership

Ellie will be speaking about Lived Experience Leadership, inviting those present into a space of reflection regarding the dilemma’s we face, the skills and qualities that we embody and how we stay strong in using our lived experience for change. Ellie will use examples from her own lived experience leadership journey as well as the insights gained through project’s and research that LELAN (Lived Experience Leadership & Advocacy Network) is currently involved in, including early findings from the Activating Lived Experience Leadership Project which is a partnership with UniSA’s Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Research Group.


As a starting point Ellie will explore lived experience broadly and where leadership comes into it, even when we don’t identify ourselves as a ‘leader’. She will then share a summary of the enabling conditions for lived experience involvement and leadership to thrive, elements that the lived experience community has a responsibility to address ourselves as well as advocate that services and systems also account for.


november masterclass : robyn priest

title : supervising peer support workers - how do you do it well for all (the Peer Workers, you as the supervisor and your workplace)


In this webinar Robyn explores how to create professionalism in peer workers utilizing great supervision practices. It explores how you as a supervisor ensure that Peer Workers are supported to, and stay true to peer support values in any workplace. This is not for the faint hearted, you may be respectfully challenged and you are more than welcome to respectfully challenge me too :) 


learning outcomes:

Participants will come away with an understanding of:

  • What are the expectations of supervisors and what are good practices in this sector

  • How to support Peer Workers to stay true to peer values 

  • How they, the supervisor, can be change agents in their workplace


december masterclass : caro swanson

title : te pou peer competencies - are we there yet?


Consumer, peer support and lived experience workforce development has been part of Aotearoa’s mental health and addiction policy for more than twenty years. In 2014 after thorough consultation the New Zealand mental health and addiction, service user, peer and consumer competencies were developed.

It was hoped that these would

- support our workforce to claim its place in the sector

- have clarity about what we do

- provide a space where our work could be evaluated

- and provide the foundation for environments and services to be responsive & supportive    to our workforce. 


They did succeed in many ways but also shone a light on what else we need to do to grow our workforce and services so that they respond to people more effectively when they need them. We are currently looking at a refresh now to align with our newly developed Consumer, peer support and lived experience workforce development strategy 2020-2025 and catch up with change. We aren’t there yet but were getting closer.
Lets talk.


take home messages

  • We work as a collective but you won’t please everyone, that’s ok

  • Indigenous leadership and inclusion is pivotal, in the ways and processes that are important and work for them

  • The need for good processes, the story of development is as important as the document

  • Bringing mental health and addiction together doesn’t mean we are the same in everything , its ok to have differences

  • We change so fast, regular review means things stay relevant and useful

  • Working with partners and allies means we get more traction

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